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Monika Review

Joining Yoga teacher preparing in Bangalore India is one of the best decisions you can make. Yoga originates from the root yuj, which means Union. The higher power unites us and it is the limitations of the small mind that narrows us down to the thought of this is mine this is yours; this is my nation that is your nation; this is my territory/state and that is your area/express; this is my town that is your town. In this way, we continue dividing and place ourselves in a small cell. Remember that the greater mind always unites. Air, water, space these things cannot be divided. However, we people have shamelessly figured out how to do that too.

Nidhish Review

If you are hoping to learn Yoga to enhance your way of life as well as to make a remunerating profession as a Yoga teacher training in then Karuna Yoga Maha Vidya Peetham, is the correct goal for you. We are the most elevated raved Best Yoga Teacher Training Bangalore Institute that offers a non-residential 200-hour yoga instructor instructional classes in India to help hopefuls from all around the globe take in the Yoga and make a fruitful profession.

Abhishek Review

Best Yoga teacher training courses in Bangalore, India is directed by Karuna Yoga Maha Vidya Peetham. Yoga is the best type of divine practice that brings peace to your mind. Yoga is a celestial practice that conveys peace to your psyche and fills your heart with serenity. It assumes an essential part in decontaminating your absolute entirety. It likewise keeps up your composure and calmness even in strained cases. The public is likewise profited by rehearsing yoga as it instills basic values, for example, tolerance self-control, and so forth. Yoga is viewed as an incredible source of energy that keeps you dynamic for the duration of the day. It additionally cures various diseases and results in increased life expectancy.

Being viewed as the best Yoga Institute in Bangalore, India, we offer authorized Yoga teacher training projects to the students in a peaceful and alleviating environment. Our yoga course is designed to give a detailed understanding of yoga from the basic level to all our students and make them well known about every one of the parts of yoga instructing. Our yoga training program enables you to gain both hypothetical and practical skills of various features of Yoga. Furthermore, with our appropriate direction, you can turn into a certified Yoga Instructor internationally.

Aravind Review

Our Karuna Yoga Maha Vidya Peetham, in Bangalore is the perfect place for the students who wish to learn hatha yoga. Dr. Karuna is a renowned yoga practitioner. He holds extraordinary experience in imparting his profound knowledge about yoga to the students. Alongside Yoga, Yoga Anatomy, Asanas teaching, provide aesthetic lectures through Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Bhagavadgita, and so on.